The "Full Aerobic Kit" Option

Installers, would you like to be able to arrive on the job at 8:00 a.m., dig your hole, install your aerobic system, have it inspected by 2:00 p.m., cover it up and move on to the next job?

It happens every day with our full "Aerobic Kit".

One installer and a helper do it daily - Time is Money and we save you both

How to get started....

Our kit approach makes it easy. You just call and tell us what size the system is, what county it's located in, how far from the house you are locating the tanks, what size the stub out is, how many sprinklers you need, and when you want your system. We will gather up all the parts, plumbing and electrical and deliver them to you.

If you prefer to purchase some or all of your own components we will customize for you anywhere from a  "bare bones" package to a full kit approach; any way you want it.

New Installer?

If you have never installed the Pro Flo Aerobic Treatment Plant, we will send along a experienced installer for the first installation to work with you so you see how it all fits together and make you feel comfortable doing it yourself. Then, we will certify you to install them on your own.

It really is that easy! Call us for references. Our installers love our service.

Customization and Warranty

 We will customize your kit to fit how you want to install your system. We want you to have exactly what you need to do the job right. We handle all warranty matters for the first 2 years on any product we sell. After the warranty period, we do repairs on controllers and aerators.   

It really is that easy! Call us for references. Our installers love our service.

Everything you Need

 We carry an ample supply of PVC fittings, pipe, sprinklers, pumps, controllers, repair kits for most compressors and most items you need to repair and maintain an aerobic treatment plant.  

If we don't carry the product you are looking for, talk to us about adding to our inventory.